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What Are the Android App Development Challenges?


Android is the most preferred platform to create versatile apps. Developing Apps for the Android OS gives a great deal of opportunity to developers and access to a consistently developing user base to the owner of the application. However, android app developers in Delhi face numerous Android application development challenges all the while. Given below are some of the regular challenges faced by developers during android app development.

Software Fragmentation

Google releases new versions of Android with a few new features and upgrades every year. In any case, the adoption rate of the most recent updates of Android stays slow. For example, Android 6.0 Marshmallow right now enjoys greater market share compared to Android 7.0 Nougat as well as Android 8.0 Oreo. Subsequently, the developers need to focus on different versions of Android while creating versatile applications. They regularly think that its testing to make the application influence the highlights given by the most recent just as prior variants of operating system of Android.  framework.

Mobile- device Fragmentation

It isn’t just the distinctive variants of the OS keeping Android developers on the backfoot, but additionally the various different devices available in the market. Every gadget/device has its very own features, the most pertinent of which are the display size and resolution. So, Android application developers need to keep this fact in mind at the top of the priority list to test the application thoroughly and guarantee that they work over all the popular mobiles and tablet models. This in turn requires significant budget planning and implementation of resources such as expertise and time.


Unlike Apple’s existing and strict guidelines for application development, no such guidelines exist for Android applications. Due to this, numerous malware issues emerge, and in turn the software/hardware fragmentation just makes fixing the issues increasingly troublesome. This in turn leads to the rise of significant amount of security flaws in app development.

Programming Interface Incompatibility

Majority of the developers make utilization of third-party APIs to upgrade the usefulness and interoperability of a mobile device. Sadly, not all the third-party APIs accessible for Android application development are of high calibre. Some APIs were made for a specific Android form and just fail to perform with devices running on an alternate version of the operating system. Therefore, a Freelance Android apps developer in India will need to come up with approaches to make a single API perform on all the versions of the Android, a task which is always quite challenging and time consuming.

Patent Issues

As of late there has been a great deal of legal issues with respect to the infringement of patent issues with regard to Android software as well as hardware manufacturers. This can prove to be one of the significant difficulties for an Android developer, since it can be very enticing to implement advanced features that you have found in some other application into your very own application, without realizing that they have been licensed.

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