Best 15 sites and Mobile Applications built using AngularJS

Angular is one of the most widely used frameworks designed by Google that help developers to build high-end, robust and functional web apps.  The best thing about this feature-rich framework is that you don’t have to get dependent on any other plugin. Let’s have a Look at its features-

This Framework sports MVC which makes everything easy to manage. In order to show information from model and controller, templates can be used. To enhance the functionality of the web apps, angular directives can be inculcated. Objects like scope help in controlling the flow of data between the controller and the view, making web apps flawless. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, other benefits that together makes Angular JS a great platform to use.  To know more about its benefits and popularity let’s have a look at the top 15 websites that are crafted using Angular.

YouTube for PS3- Well, YouTube is among the most easy to recognize which is available on PlayStation 3 and is built with Angular JS.  This platform widely used to share watch and upload the videos and have millions of users all over the globe.

Weather.Com- To get the most precise weather forecasting, weather.Com is recommended.  It is also built using Angular JS framework and help the users to get weather updates from all over the world. The platform is being updated after every regular time period.

GoodFilms-  Goodfilms is one of the unique review platforms with dynamic graphical representations.  Used for representing genuine movie reviews.  This site is also built with Angular JS Technology which has made it the trendsetter. Perfect site that contains videos tutorials case studies and free courses for the users to learn Angular JS online! The use of Angular JS technology has made the site easy to use even for the beginners.

Upwork.Com- Another dynamic site built using Angular JS that offers freelancers their jobs at any time.  Clients can work and hire the freelancers.

Freelancer.Com- This platform needs no description as it is already used by 16 million freelancers all over the world. This renowned marketplace is built using Angular JS framework for outsourcing.   This is basically a wrapper of Wikipedia with enhanced interface.  Designers and developers have used include JS framework to create this fresh look of Wikipedia.

Netflix.Com- The platform known for bringing latest movies and TV series at your doorstep is also built using this technology.  You can easily request for your DVDs in what your favorites on television. This ecommerce website deals with home furnishings casual clothing and luggage is built on Angular JS methodology and is therefore very friendly. The site known for having a comprehensive range of videos, images and photo clips.  You can easily buy the images at affordable prices. JetBlue is the emerging airline in the USA that careers its operations in various countries the Caribbean,   America etc.  Their official website jetblue.Com is built using Angular JS framework.

Mehalshaker-  If you are bored of eating the same things at the same place,  then this app helps you to dine at new places. All this is possible due to the Framework it is built on- Angular JS. even if you don’t have knowledge of coding you can easily build mobile apps using the site.  This highly rated website is built on Angular JS framework and is known for its functionality that it offers to the users.

Mallzee-  This shopping app offers the users an unique shopping experience.  Built on Angular JS framework, the app offers enhanced features for sharing images with friends etc.

Posse- it is a mobile app that helps to users to discover various places all around the globe.  Angular JS based application the users to suggest the travelers with the best places.  One can also join a group of travelers going to the same place.

Apart from the aforementioned sites, thousands of sites are built using Technology because it is bespoke for all our online needs.  It is opened up new opportunities for the developers to create web apps improved performance and features which is not possible with any other framework.   After going through all the above-mentioned websites, you will definitely get an idea of how powerful Angular is.

Author Vivek Verma is a Best Freelance  Android Application developer from India

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