Hello! To all future Entrepreneurs with great ideas , passion to do some thing big and innovative .

Today I am writing for you all as I have came across a very useful article on a very popular Indian startup news portal and thought to share with you too .

While you are building your product/ services related model you must be having questions in your mind how will we present our pitch in a short time of 3-5 minutes and what all the prospect investors may ask ? What if we could not answer them well ? Will we loose the first point of interaction easily like this ? what should we do to prepare ourself ?

So to handle all these questions I have listed down a complete question bank below hoping it might help you some how.

Are you working on this full-time?
How complete is your team?
Are you a product player, service or mixed?
Are you B2B, B2C or a mix?
What gap are you filling in the market today?
Describe your use case scenarios.
What has been the previous exposure of customers to related products?
When will you get out of PoC stage?
What metrics do you have that this product works/delivers?
How many platforms are you available on?
What analytics do you offer?
What visualisation tools make your product easy to use?
How will you manage logistics without getting overwhelmed?
How are you managing inventory?
What are the unit economics?
How do you select/standardise pricing points?
How will your business model survive without ads?
How does your product/app work in offline scenarios?
How are you doing marketing?
What is your one-line pitch?
What seasonal specials do you have?
What is your understanding of the consumer’s decision process?
How much traction do you have?
Describe the experience of your first three customers.
Who is your most valuable customer today?
What are some engagement trends/patterns so far?
How long does it take for a customer to get up and running?
How easy is it to integrate your product with existing ones?
Who owns the data generated by your product?
Who will get most excited by your product?
When will you break even?
Who is your competitor and how do you differentiate?
There are 20+ players in this crowded space. How is your pitch different?
Which partners are marketing your product, and how?
What are the legal/regulatory/compliance issues?
How well does your model scale across target sectors?
What is your pan-India strategy?
What benefits does this give to a corporate CIO?
How scaleable is it for you to launch new products/offerings?
How will you use the prize money or funds? How would you use 10X prize money?

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Source Credit Yourstory