Are you a college /university grad and looking to make a perfect project/assignment in mobile apps?

Then you are at a right place and with right person who can help you create nice and affordable college mobile apps project.

I have been making USA students projects for more then 7 years as of now

Which covers not the least like
Location based apps
Messaging / social networking apps
Deals and discounts related app
Food Ordering apps
2D games

Some of the projects which made by me for students/clients were

Paktor ( a Tinder clone development) paktor now its a alternate to Tinder app very popular in South East Asian countries and I think its descriotion is not needed any more :) as Tinder is a Alumnee a ios application for getting introduced and meet your college alumnees around the world , with a special algorithm made in this app
you can match the alumnee based on his likes & preferences of subjects .
You can message once connected , you can create groups of your likes
Admin can creats special coupons and deals for students based on their University and location .

Spillout App Development

Another app for university students who wanted to share and discuss the subjects common between them .
Location based

Greeker App Development in ios

This is much enhanced and bigger version of spillout and is specific to a particular community of an university students .

Ovigz ios App

This was the apps for university guys who are foodaholic and looking for always latest and best offers and discounts near by to their campus
this was made to cover almost all the universities of Northen america .
User can create profile .
User can follow other users near by and based on his preferences of some food type.
User can post the latest pics of food they are eating with their followers.
The concept of this was all user based content generation related to food and drinks .

BeeWhiz iPad Applicaiton

This is an interactive ipad based app for kids below the age of 5 years .
The main aim of this app was to help/guide parents to teach their kids interactively using this ipad app

a story board was provided and based on that kids were shown a full story where they learn to know and taught to remember things
and then in next screens they may be asked at random questions to judge their memory power.

Vivek Verma is a Freelance Mobile ( Android ,iPhone) apps developer from Noida, Delhi NCR India region with more then 7 years of experience . I have worked for fortune 500 companies to startup organisations. Who is not only into development but also loves to meet people and understand customers business ideas and giving them ideas & consultations.